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About Longmao Data

We are the trusted partner to many of the most influential corporations and institutions in the world

About Longmao Data

Established in 2014, Beijing AnjieZhihe Technology Co., Ltd. (“Longmaosoft” for short hereinafter) is a professional AI data service company. Located in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park, the company also has branches in Guangzhou, Hebei, Shanghai, etc. It is based on AI data services and committed to providing the most professional data services for the whole AI industry.

Online crowdsourcing platform - Longmao Crowdsourcing

Longmaosoft owes a crowdsourcing platform Longmao Crowdsourcing, which has a mobile APP client and a Web client annotation platform. Its crowdsourcing users have exceeded 4 million, data sample tasks having a size over a million can be completed in a single day, and a variety of customized data demands from different fields can be satisfied. Longmaosoft has a global view by always focusing on technical updates to adapt to new demands. In addition to promoting greater progress of the data service field, it will not forget to improve its annotation system, so as to provide better data services for global AI enterprises.

Data acquisition: text, images, voices, and videos can be acquired in different scenes as required by customers; the content can be filtered and classified during acquisition. Acquisition of samples over a size of 10 million can be supported every day.

Data annotation: data including images, text, voices and videos are acquired, evaluated, classified and finally annotated; during annotation, relevant tasks like extraction, classification, transcription, semantic segmentation, cleaning, masking and verification of the content be achieved.

Why us

Inheriting management philosophy from QA team, we have quality management process in place to insure high accuracy of annotation works. We’ll do best to insure the accurate results, so you can confidently focus on tuning the algorithm.

  • Support in developing & customizing annotation tools to match your need
  • Recruiting ability: with pool of staff & pool of IT students in the city, we have ability ramp up to team size of hundred dedicated for your needs.
  • Flexible contract: we can start with small scope so you can evaluate us. After the pilot, if things go well, we can move forward.
  • We sign NDA, your data is yours.