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Products and Services

  • Image Data Services

    Image Collection

    Image Annotation

  • Speech Data Services

    Speech Data Collection

    Human Transcription And Annotation

  • Video Data Services

    Video Annotation

    Video Data Collection

  • Text Data Services

    Text Corpora

    Human Annotation



  • Higher Accuracy

    We are able to achieve higher accuracy with our massive proprietary datasets.

  • Wide Coverage

    Comprehensive, efficient and professional data collection;Data labeling crowdsourcing management platform.

  • Fast Setup

    No need to spend the time developing in-house models; just call our APIs and go.

  • Cheaper

    Developed crowd sourcing system.

    Intelligent task project.

  • Assured Quality

    Guaranteed accuracy.

  • Fully Managed

    We do the heavy lifting so that you can relax.

Our Management Team

  • Zhi Zan


    Alumni of the Renmin University of China

    Zhi is an accomplished veteran in the fields of product design and management, having worked for various well-known domestic Internet companies such as Baidu and SnapPea, before taking on the road of entrepreneurship. Zhi took the posts of Commercial Product Manager twice, once for the Baidu Network Alliance and later for SnapPea, during his period in both the companies. As for the latter, he was responsible for the promotional work of SnapPea’s applications and the joint operation of the gaming business line. Having started the business from scratch, Zhi had then managed to make over ten million Yuan’s worth of monthly earnings.

  • Yi Yao


    Master of Engineering Graduate from Zhejiang University’s Faculty of Computer Sciences

    Yi is a seasoned expert in the fields of technology development and management, having served among many others, for Google, ZTE, Dianxin OS, and SnapPea. In 2010, Yi became one of the first batch of engineers to join the Innovation Works, and later a member of the Innovation Team in Dianxin OS. He joined the forces of SnapPea two years later, and led the development of Haoyou System and Gaming SDK. Under Yi’s leadership, Haoyou System accumulated over a hundred million user data, and SDK sees its applications being embedded in over a thousand games.

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