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Speech Solutions

Longmao Data technology team has developed a series of the world’s leading big data products


Speech Data Collection

Longmao Data is committed to collecting world’s language corpus and processing voice contents including gender,emotion, and speech transcription. Longmao Data offers high-quality voice data for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS), etc.


Transcription/ Annotation

Longmao Data is experienced in speech transcription and annotating unstructured information from audio data.
A typical procedure for speech transcription-annotation includes:
1.Machine transcription to generate text from speech.
2.Annotator proofreads results from step 1
3.Annotator labels speech features (speaker’s gender, accent, time stamp, etc.)


TTS (Text To Speech)

Longmao Data offers solution package including professional devices, studios, and broadcasters of multiple languages to select from.


Image Solutions

Data Collection

Data Collection

Longmao Data is professional in image & video data collection from real-world, internet, and customized scenario.

Image Annotation

Image Annotation

Our professional labeling team is experienced in dealing with large quantity annotation projects. We aim to yield annotated data with high accuracy and efficiency.

Image classification

Image classification

Quickly screen large numbers of images to match specific categories and remove unnecessary distractions.


Text Solutions

ext Collectio

Text Collection

Longmao Data offers corpus construction, gathering literal and oral corpus from real world or answers from questionnaires under designated scenarios.


Text Annotation

Longmao Data annotates the subject, object, cause, course, results, time and location of the event when we analyze event and sentiment. We also identify sentence structure, relation and property.


Text correction

Manually correct machine-processed speech such as machine translation, error correction after transfer, subtitle error correction, etc.